I believe…

October 19, 2017By Monica MesaPersonal No Comments

I believe in love Despite any betrayals I believe in goodness Despite all scandals I believe in peace Despite all wars I believe the earth will regenerate Despite her outbursts I believe in in America Despite the ignorance that is being unveiled I believe miracles are possible And the road before us Is turning toward … Read More

I love it all…

August 4, 2017By Monica MesaPersonal No Comments

I just love the things that happen in sacred spaces we create in yoga studios. I love seeing the faces in the beginning of class, the eyes wide open, curious and wondering what is going to happen in my Prana Vinyasa class, where almost anything can happen… I love watching the flower petals open, the … Read More

What is Your Why?

July 26, 2017By Monica MesaPersonal No Comments

Dear Kula (Family), We all need a WHY in these times. Why we work so hard. Why we stand up for what’s right. Fight for our kids. Help our aging parents. Give to our causes. Get up again. Face our fears. Wake up in the dark to do our practice. Forgive. Again. We need to … Read More

Trevor Hall and NKB

July 16, 2017By Monica MesaPersonal, Uncategorized No Comments

Last night Trevor Hall played in Crested Butte! He and I have the same guru, Neem Karoli Baba, and although I have seen him play before, he has never talked about him. This time, right when he walked on stage, the picture of NKB came up and he started talking about him, his message, and … Read More

Guru Purnima Full Moon

July 8, 2017By Monica MesaUncategorized No Comments

This full moon is also called Guru Purnima, and honors all the teachers that have been a light in our life, as well as the guru lineage some of us may have. I have been blessed in this life to have had many great teachers; Lama Tsultrim Allione, Shiva Rea, and my beloved guru, Neem … Read More

New Mentorship Program

July 6, 2017By Monica MesaPersonal, Teacher Trainings No Comments

Dear Friends! Happy Summer and New Moon! We are at the midpoint of the year and one of the most powerful times of the year to activate our own solar energy for our own transformation and manifestation. The sun lives in the center of our own heart, the place that has the infinite capacity to … Read More

Happy New Year from Snow Country!

January 2, 2017By Monica MesaPersonal No Comments

Happy New Year from big sky and snow country! Since I can’t ski (or walk very far with a leg brace on), my sweet Mark figured out a way to get me outside…he bought a sled, strapped himself up to it, and pulled me out for a nice long walk! Ahhhhh, the beauty and blessings … Read More