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Prana Vinyasa Bhakti Yoga 

Every Monday 6-7:30pm PST
May 1st - June 30th, 2022

with Monica Mesa Dasi & Emily Crohare

Join us for this special series to help YOU develop your practice into one that is rich, full, and serves your life for optimal physical and spiritual health.


Monica Mesa Dasi

Monica Mesa Dasi is a Buddhist bhakti yogini and an entrepreneur business coach for spiritually-based Yogini‘s on a mission. She has taught 200/500 hour teacher training programs in Shiva Rea's Global School, created a yoga festival, teaches retreats worldwide, and is the creator of Yoga for the Peaceful brand studios.  A deep love for empowering yoga teachers inspired Monica to develop her beloved SOUL ON FIRE YoginiPreneurs annual program.  A mother of three sons, Monica is also a soul surfer, nordic skier, and proud Spanish speaker with Colombian roots on a mission to spread her message: "Love Yourself & You Love the World!"

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Emily Crohare

Emily Crohare is a Prana Vinyasa yoga instructor, Ayurveda Wellness Coach and a Head Coach in Monica Mesa Dasi's Soul on Fire: YoginiPreneurs on a Mission Mentorship program. She is passionate about helping women find vibrant health, joy and balance through the living practices of Ayurveda and yoga, and aspires to help other yogini women find empowerment and abundance through building good business and leadership skills, the yogini way.