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12/12 is an angel number and for me as we turn towards the solstice it is a time to go inside my inner cavern after 6 weeks of having my beloved sons here, a special time with my mother before she transitioned to her new home in Cartagena, a beautiful visit from my soul sister, and an emotional time with my book editor to finish my book process.

I haven’t been on social media much, and after my last post announcing the title of my book, I felt the vulnerability hangover of sharing this epic heart song about my sons channeled messages to me.

Now it’s time to process all and go into silence as I integrate everything and harvest all the love, emotions, and inspiration to create something beautiful to share. Taking the pressure off to show up, and just listen to my soul and what it needs now to feel nourished without hustling or needing to be or do anything but what my inner compass guides me towards.

May you have space to heal, to be, to listen, to reach out for support, to share your gifts, to love yourself, forgive yourself, and let nature hold you.

One of Cheyne’s messages I’m holding close;

“Can you love yourself as much as you love God?”

Self love is the doorway, the portal, and the key to being a beneficial presence in the world!


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