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2021 I release you in Gratitude!

Lucky me being escorted from Colorado to Vegas to the shores of California with my son Skye. Won a pile of cash, stayed in “Paris”, slept in a non smoking room that smelled like smoke, and woke up at 5:30 am to do my last practice of 2021!

This little buddhist yogini isn’t cut out for Vegas but as long as I have my body breath and heart i can still chant, pray, breathe, do yoga, and find refuge in the

holy anywhere i go.

Grateful for 2021-spent mostly in Costa Rica, surfing, healing, eating fruit, surrounded by epic mystic people, doing plant medicine, loving my sons from afar, supporting women in my soul on fire yoginipreneurs mentorship group, teaching yoga for causes i believe in, and praying for the world.

Last but not least, got swept off my feet by cupid’s bow and ending the year rolling back into the state i was born in to start a whole new life. Holy moly my friends, you just never know what life’s gonna bring you!

2021 i release you in gratitude, take what will serve me, leave the rest, and step into the new year with faith, joy, and a humble yet confident heart to keep living loving and serving this precious human earthwalk.

PS- Starting the year tomorrow

teaching my 40 Day Sacred Soul Yoga Sadhana, which Skye is shocked people do (“who has that kind of commitment mom!?”)

I know, it’s crazy to get up on 1/1 at 630 am pst and do 90 minutes of breath prayer and yoga and do it day after day for another 39 days, but if you wanna rock your health and life, wtf, this is how we roll!

Still room to join, even if you sleep through 1/1, all info below XOXO, RamRam, live your way into your wildest prayers familia.

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