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2022 Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs on a Mission

I am grateful and honored to be in the “business” or what I like to call the dharma, of mentoring and coaching spiritually-based Yogini‘s to have more fulfillment, success, and abundance!

2022 Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs on a Mission is officially open for enrollment! My program is an entire year long because in 12 months you will learn how to claim your niche, serve your gifts, have the courage to stand out, and unlock your potential to exponentially increase your income and create money harmony in your life! Money and spirituality can go hand-in-hand, and when money is in the hands of women good things happen!

This is specifically for women who are ready to rock, want to join a powerful sisterhood + team of coaches who will support you, create a community of clients who you feel a soul connection with, and have a soul on fire to ignite your dreams, heal yourself while you’re doing it, and help change this world!

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing lives, inspiring tips, special guests, and offering complementary old-fashioned phone calls to find out if this mentorship is just what you need right now, all info below!

These are extraordinary times we are living in and I believe the perfect time to design your freedom-based entrepreneur lifestyle while you share the things that you offer that can help people and the planet! If you think there are already too many people doing it, think again! There are people who need YOU and your own unique offerings, because of who you are and all of your life experience.

It’s a new year my sisters, and a new you, that’s ready to rise, shine and be the beneficial presence you were meant to be. It would be my honor and joy to get a chance to talk to you and hear your dreams- we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

I’m praying for you and I’m ready to have you in my sacred circle for a year of magic, transformation, and living with a soul on fire, so reach out goddesses!

Mark Nadir

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