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40 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana starts 1/1/22!

Pray with your body, breath, and Spirit Sing mantras & prayers Learn breath techniques to have a clear, peaceful mind Creative yoga sequences you can do yourself at home Integrate simple Ayurveda practices that will keep you healthy Be in sacred community with amazing people from all over the world This is my heart offering, 40 days to be with me, at my altar, meditation cushion, and yoga mat, and all be together to heal, deepen your self love, reignite your purpose in the world, and be in the magic of like-minded souls! Let the transformation begin, all info below, do it now and get my seven week power of practice course for free, and my 50+ page Lovebook with all my favorite prayers, secrets, and more XOXO Proceeds benefit SISP India, getting children off the streets and educating and feeding them through the incentive of surfing and skateboarding! RamRam, love yourself and you love the world! Mark Nadi

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