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40 days of bhakti bliss!

One of my favorite things about yoga is that there is so much MORE than yoga! You are invited to join me for 40 days of prana vinyasa yoga, prayers, mantra japa, meditation, ayurveda living, and the best part is the virtual community you will get to know and feel. Though we begin on 1/1, i’m telling you now cuz i want to give you my power of practice 7 week course as a gift AND give you a special discount for joining by 11/25,. This way you can mark 1/1 in your calendars and be ready to embark on a self love healing journey that will rock your soul! Yoga is love in action, and when you love yourself the whole world wins, so here i am, calling you in, all below. Self love is the doorway the portal and the key so give yourself this gift from time to time my friends! RamRamXOXO

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