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is where the heart is.

My heroic son Ronin helped me move back into my precious straw bale house in Colorado after 2 years of my pilgrimage through India, Nepal, Colombia and Costa Rica. Landing in his arms, a warrior by my side, anything seems possible for this next phase of my journey as i surrender to be guided, held, embraced.

We have all been through so much, and i know you have too. Love is always the answer, and no matter what the outer circumstances are, we have the Hanuman Spirit of courage, strength, and devotion to live love and serve our gifts to heal ourselves and heal the world as we do so.

On this last day of Lakshmi Navaratri, I call on her Spirit of love, generosity and abundance in all its forms to awaken my heart, Ro’s heart, your heart, to all you can be, to be a beneficial presence, to let love heal all wounds.

It is so.

Anything is possible.

Dig deep my friends, we can do this.


Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiye’ Namaha!

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