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My daddy carved this:


When I was back home last week in Colorado, I had a package from my dad with some Christmas gifts that didn’t get to me in Costa Rica this year, and this was my favorite one. Seems like just the right thing for this year that we all need is a big huge heart and some hope!

Tonight’s full moon is in my sign, Virgo, so i know her well: truth teller, self critic, perfectionism, organization freak, service oriented, communicator.

Full moons are also about completions, seeing clearly, tapping into our intuition, and feeling our emotions.

All that said, this Virgoan has seen clearly that it’s time for change. Feeling my emotions, listening to my intuition, and knowing the truth is for me to be closer to my family right now. I will harness all the pura vida stoke and take it back to my sons and beloved family&friends. Goin back.

Hope, held lightly without grasping, is a bright beam of moonlight to wipe away the fears, and trust the next chapter, the next day, the next moment will unfold with Grace.

What is this Snow Moon illuminating for you?


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