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It's still storming here... i think Cheyne and the earth are telling me, its ok, mourn, cry, grieve! i couldn't get out of bed today and called a friend/student/mitra who i remember having held in a dark time. she had called me crying in a closet and i talked her through. i knew she would understand my darkness. she did. she told me its ok to go into the darkness. that it was actually an important part of the healing and that many lessons are there for me. to WILLINGLY go into the darkness. be patient with this phase and not feel like i have to embody the Spiritual side of things right now. to talk to the shadow and LISTEN. feel. allow. to trust myself, that i have the toolbox, the courage, the angels, guides, the earth, creatures, and soul friends and family to get through the dark phase. she reminded me that i always tell my students, "this path is not for the faint of heart". thank you my friend. another beautiful miracle to see the sacred circle that comes in teaching and being there for each other come around so beautifully. so i'm going in my friends. to the shadow. to find him, to find myself, to find God/dess, to find the answers, the questions, the mystery, the reason to take the next step. LOVE.

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