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A day in the life of a yogini, it’s not always so exotic!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

How do we get all those cool pics and videos, look so happy, and living such a blissful existence?

Well, here’s a sneak peek when I forced myself to do a selfie photo shoot (which my coach insisted I do!) when I was taking a break off social media and giving myself a personal self-care, self love week during the five-year grief anniversary of my son Cheyne.

I was staying at Gitana del Mar, at one of my power places on the planet where the Caribbean Sea meets the Sierra Nevada mountains (at 18,700 feet in elevation btw) in Colombia. (I will be teaching a retreat there in 2024!)

So there were plenty of tears and emotions flying, but there I was, surrounded by the magic of mother nature, dear friends, indigenous wisdomkeepers, and one of the most beautiful yoga shala’s with ocean views.

So I took refuge in all my practices, harnessed all the energy to be able to authentically show up in front of the camera, just like I do in real life, and surrendered it to God.

I think it’s important on social media and in all aspects of life, to show up in all our colors and stages of life and I want you to know that I do have a beautiful life, and just like you, I also move through the ups and downs as well.

My practice and all the things I talk about are what I lean on and I am so grateful to be able to share them with you as well!

I’ll be showing up in all these authentic and real life ways in my Sacred Yoga Sadhana weekly class on Mondays that starts on October 2, so come with me wherever I am and be a part of my Satsang community, where we can all love and hold each other as we move through this precious human life!

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