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All love to you as we embark together in this lila of life.

Well, I didn't make a post for the new moon, mercury retrograde, or International Women's Day, all such auspicious ritual days. I got back from my Oahu family vacation on the eve of Cheyne's 6 month of passing into the next dimension, and a huge wave of grief knocked me off my feet. What I've realized is that no matter how good things can be, how many happy moments abound, how much to be grateful for, including my sons here on earth with me, the grief is still there. In a moment, it can take me down. I have all the tools and support to get through it, thank Goddess, but I still must bow to it and let the storm pass through me. That is my dedication to the path. I have always had so much discipline for all my practices, and now my discipline extends to my grief process. If not, I will be half alive for the rest of my life. I have to look it in the eye, cry and wail and flail at the top of the peaks, and get to the other side of it. And listen. With my heart cracked wide open, Cheyne's messages, God's messages, my soulself messages can seep through the cracks to be heard. Finding my soul purpose and will to live with passion and purpose is my intention, and that my friends is how I will be spending this next cycle. In radical self acceptance to what my destiny has given me and has in store for me. All love to you as we embark together in this lila of life. XOXO

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