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Angel Number 2/2/22

Ok so today kicks off an auspicious week and lots to look forward to!

Today is the new moon in Aquarius so set your intentions and let your freethinking mind emerge! Venus also goes direct today!

Tomorrow the first day of February and is the beginning of Black History Month- a time for us to celebrate our brothers and sisters, learn, unlearn, and accept our role in creating racial justice in the world!

Tuesday is also the Chinese new year of the water tiger, so activating your inner tiger/tigress bravery, courage, and seeing this as a year to take risks and have spiritual adventures that can bring personal and planetary healing!

Wednesday is the 2/2/22 portal, an angel number and numerology power day to initiate balance, structure, and lay the foundation for your dreams for 2022 with a magical mindset!

Wednesday is also Imbolc, the midpoint between the solstice and the equinox, a fertility time to celebrate, plant seeds, gather with loved ones, cultivate spring in your heart and upon the earth!

Last but certainly not least on Wednesday Mercury goes direct along with several other planets, so the floodgates are now open, and all systems are go, so create, take aligned action, and pat yourself on the back for making it through!

I think we could all use a little magic, relief, and courage, so love yourselves up, smile, and love the ones you’re with! XOXO

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