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Aquarian New Moon


This new moon, and Losar (Tibetan new year) coincides with my youngest son Ronins 20th birthday!

Son #3 heard more mantras and prayers in the womb than you can imagine, though i thought i was getting a girl, i got another warrior, who’d stand by my side during some hard times we weathered just the two of us, and though he’s tough as nails, he has a heart that will melt you. I go back 20 years to think of the morning he swooshed out into the birthing tub at home, and the way i have grown, changed, and transformed because of his auspicious birth. My son my teacher.

May this aquariun moon and Losar bless him, and all of you with the freedoms, truth seeking, world changing and new beginnings for the future that we can all rise to bring about.

Thank you to the Great Mystery & Magic who brought me my Ro!


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