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Are you a yogini with a soul on fire!?

Doors are open for enrollment for one more week for my 2022 Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs on a Mission, brought to you by me & my spitfire soulsister Jackie Just and our other amazing coaches Rachael Porter Karie Reyes and a whole sisterhood of support that will hold you, inspire you, and give you all the tools and support you need to stand out, claim your niche, serve your gifts, and unlock your potential to make a difference in the world AND earn more + create money harmony in your life and relationships!

I am passionate about this because I believe the gifts of yoga can heal the planet even while we heal + empower ourselves, that it’s possible to be spiritual and wealthy at the same time, and that when money is in the hands of women, good things happen!

Two invitations for you~

FREE webinar Tuesday 1/25:

Leave Your Day Job & Make Yoga Your Full Time Career.

FREE old fashioned phone call with me to find out more. Links below!

There is a time to leap my sisters! My team & I are here to catch you!


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