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my budding family moved to Crested Butte in ‘97, Cheyne was 3, Skye was 1, and then came Ronin in 2001.

this is where I raised my boys, opened my studio; Yoga for the Peaceful, created a festival; Yoga Rocks the Butte, got divorced, became a single mom, went through all kinds of hell and back, then survived the suicide of my son in 2018.

it was super hard to be here after that with all the memories, having to face everyone in the community after such a tragedy, and i really needed to go, heal my soul by the sea, get some surf therapy, and explore the world while i found out who this new person was gonna be.

i found my way back in February, thought it was just a visit, and find myself not wanting to leave just yet.

these people, mountains, snow, memories, and the simple small town life have captured my heart, again.

thank you Crested Butte, i accept your warm embrace, not sure how long i’ll be here, but i’m listening, and loving every moment til it’s clear.

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