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Be your freaky self!

Happy full moon in Aquarius, the sign of freedom, liberation, authenticity, self-expression and so much more of course!

I’ve always been a little different, and I’m so glad my artist dad taught me when I was young that “it’s good to be weird.” It’s been good bad and ugly and everything in between, but it’s me!

These days I think being weird and freaky means acting + speaking up for truth, for marginalized people, for causes that we believe in, for our children, for the future, for the trees and oceans, and sometimes for ourselves.

I’ve had to do this more than ever the past few years on my grief journey, and it’s been f’n hard. Gratefully, I have a circle of friends and family, am in the yoga + coaching industry with people who are always on the edge of consciousness willing to change and transform, and have a meditation and bhakti yoga practice that constantly holds me accountable with both courage and compassion.

Praying the nectar of this moon can lick all our wounds and shine it’s luminescent light on where we can continue to grow and evolve ourselves and our planet!

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