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Beltane Blessings

Beltane is one of the holiest days in the pagan calendar. In the northern hemisphere, we celebrate the sun god at its peak, at the exact midway point between the spring equinox and summer solstice. A joyous time to celebrate fertility, creativity, sexuality, and passion for life, for our mother earth, all our relations, and ourselves. The suns infinite power is representative of the power of our own heart to regenerate, heal, and radiate love into the world and into our own souls garden. Some like me, are alone, all are restricted in many ways, facing so many challenging realizations about self and life at this time on the planet. This is a beautiful moment to meditate on the power of the sun and the power of love. Here’s some rituals you can enjoy on this day; 🌞 Be in nature any way you can, get barefoot, absorb all the elements, and give your holy gratitude to her for being the great constant devoted mother, give to a planetary organization you believe in, and make a pledge to tread more softly on the planet. ♥️ Get sensual with your beloved, with yourself, give or receive a massage for yourself or a loved one, enjoy sacred sexuality, your body temple with all its gifts of delight and pleasure. ♥️ Write an actual love letter to your beloved, to yourself, or the soulmate that hasn’t appeared yet. 🌞 Create an earth altar, and choose things from your home and nature to create your own may pole with crystals, flowers, twigs, your own creative expression of life‘s bounty. ♥️ Bake or make something with your own hands for your loved ones or to secretly drop off at someone’s door to spread love and luck. 🌞 Make a fire, or light a candle to honor the collective love vibration that the entire planet shares. Of all the goals and hopes we have, the one thing we all want is LOVE. Here, we are united. In this unity we will save the planet, and save ourselves. ♥️ I am beginning my own self love healing sadhana from now until the next full moon in June to equally receive love from everywhere and everything, and become a better conduit of love in my body, speech, and mind. 🌞 Blessed be!

Happy Beltane Blessings to ALL!

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