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Black History Month is every Month

You hear a lot about my beloved son Cheyne (from the formless realm he can’t yell at me for posting pictures of him), and here are my other two, Skye & Ronin! This was taken with the Miami skyline in the background before I left on my SoulFire pilgrimage, and that’s my pure love mom smile!

My sons have a biracial dad, indigenous blood, and a whole lot of I’m not sure what from my Colombian parents where there is plenty of melanin rich skin in the family. I don’t feel like I did the best job raising them with awareness of their black and indigenous roots and now I am having to face my own white privilege issues and how it has affected our lives.

Black History Month is every month, but i’m glad it’s here to raise awareness not only on the past, but on our future. My sons are part of that future, so are their kids, and so is every one of us on the planet. I have far to go in educating and becoming more active in this movement but I’m committed.

How are you getting involved with Black History Month? Do you know your roots?

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