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Bloom where you're planted

The dance of life... is taking me from the jungle of Costa Rica back to Colorado. To be closer to my sons and family, and see where i am meant to serve and be.

It came clear and suddenly, and though i will miss this version of paradise, i know there is beauty and good people and places everywhere. My mom always told me, “Monica, bloom where you’re planted.” And that i will.

What a blessing to live over a year with the jungle and ocean sounds and vibrations, barefoot, surfing, swimming in the tide pools, monkeys for my alarm clock, exotic birds as my friends, vegan food and fruits galore, yoga on the sand, sunsets and moonrise’s, a palate of phenomenal people, healers, plant medicine, auspicious connections, my dog at my footsteps, coaching calls with my YoginiPreneurs group in my bikini, simple living in my surf bungalow, and so much more.

I won’t miss it. Because i loved and lived it so deeply and it all lives in my soul now. i am vibrationally a different person after being “tuned up” by the sea and jungle living.

i know all to well that life can change in an instant and so i appreciate & devour every moment as it may be my last. There is nothing else i would have done. This chapter is closed and a new one begins. Aho!

“Hold it lightly” is a Buddhist teaching i love. And so with that in mind, i’ll keep dancing wherever i go next, and pray that i find new ways to live love serve and surf the waves of life.

I will be back in May for my Yoga, Surf & Serve Retreat so meet me there for a Soul on Fire Retreat to share it all with you, link in bio XOXO Aloha Costa Rica, i’ll be back!

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