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Cancer has shifted my WHY

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Dear Family, Kula, Brothers & Sisters on the Path,

Spring came as Mercury went retrograde this year, and it seems to me the planetary lineup has caused quite a bit of upheaval for many of us. 

I personally have been on my knees, praying for more than 4 beloved sisters living with or recently finding out they have breast cancer. It has rocked my world and made me realize my life will take on a whole new direction this year.

It’s not just about me, my life, my family, my dharma path, or my projects. It’s going to be more about getting my act together and becoming stronger, healthier, more financially stable, and having more TIME to be able to support THEM through this  mysterious and tumultuous journey which is cancer.

My WHY has a new meaning now. Why I need to make money (yes I said it, MONEY, that sacred exchange for sharing what we believe in), become more financially stable, and make more so I can work less and be there for my loved ones.

So any of those places left in me that were afraid to show up, rise up, be seen, be heard, and promote my offerings must now be dissolved.

For the benefit of all beings.

And my sisters. I want to sit BY THERE SIDE while they are healing. I want to hold them in MY ARMS. I want to laugh and cry and walk and play WITH them. I want to BE THERE.

I have always believed in what I do and bring, but now I have a little more passion and purpose behind it all.

The good news is that with the sun and moon both in Aries and Mercury finally direct, we have some fire to awaken our courage, bravery, and inspiration to go for it! Tie up your shoelaces, grab someone’s hand, point your arrow, and don’t look back!

So thank you for your interest, support, prayers, and love for my offerings and I truly hope to meet you on the path we are all on to share, love, and heal.  Together.

Your Dasi,


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