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Celebrating Cheyne!

Celebrating Cheyne! 27 years ago today I birthed my first son. Probably the most important day of my life, that marked the beginning of my motherhood years, and brought me the greatest teacher of my life. When his soul chose to leave the life of form, I was once again catapulted into the next phase of my spiritual path. How will I get through this day, this life, now that he is no longer with me on the planet?

That is his teaching to me.

To live like he did, and wanted, with a soul on fire, full of love, compassion, joy, and in service to others. Claiming a mission, taking a stand for it, for others, being bold, no matter what others think, healing and leaving the past behind, teaching people about the power of self love practices, living in the moment, and being who God wants us to be.

So today, I know he is here with me allways, I will laugh, I will cry, I will be grateful for all he gave to me, for my other two sons he lives in as well, I will celebrate his life and I will keep sharing his Spirit with you.

In honor of his birthday I have created a memorial fund through a donation to CB State Of Mind called Cheyne Salley Soul on Fire Therapy Scholarship Program-Aspen Tree Memorial. The scholarship is available for boys/young men age 13-24 struggling with mental health issues to create a connection for support that is easy and FREE. It’s my hope that all boys and young men get the support they need to live an empowered and productive life. It soothes my heart to know others may benefit from his life, you are welcome to participate to add to the fund so more may be served! I will post the link below and a separate post with all the details, thank you! 

I love you my Cheyne, you live in my heart, today and forever.

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