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A boddhisattva is someone who is devoted to relieving suffering in the world, and on this day, 4 years ago that Cheyne ascended to the world of formless i celebrate his dedication to be, become, and help me in my path to becoming a boddhisattva. I accept his choice, i allow the grief to move through me, and i am grateful for our blessed relationship in Spirit that has catapulted me to a new level of awareness of life’s mystery and magic. We are One. I feel your aliveness and i know that life is more than what can be seen with the eyes. I love you, I am you, we are partners in helping make the world a better place. I will courageously spread your message of self-love and i will love myself the way you inspire me to do. For the benefit of all beings. i love you Cheyne! withYou. Forever!

infinite gratitude to Karie Reyes for this beautiful image that captures our love!

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