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Coming home

Landing in Costa Rica feels like coming home now. The people, the pura vida mindset, the fruit, the plant medicine, the high vibe, the sounds of all the creatures, the consciousness, the monkeys, birds, the surf, the sea, all of it!

Integrating after a Yahe’ ceremony, and realizing the person i am now is so different from the one who did her first ceremony 2 years ago. So much healing has happened here! The shaman said “you have done a lot of work!” And he’s right…I’m proud of myself, and that’s ok. We should all be proud of ourselves living through all this 3rd dimension intensity.

I always like to feel i can have one foot in the formless reality, and one foot on this beautiful earth. Tenderizing my heart and letting myself soak it all in as I approach starting my new Bhakti Yoga Immersion, teaching at SANGHA FEST in May, and sticking to at least a little bit of my “sabbatical time” to finish my book about channeling my son Cheyne’s messages.

For now I take refuge in Machig Labdrons words:

“Since there is no path to traverse, rest in the basic ground noble child.”

You are all noble my friends. Take a moment to rest easy.


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