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Crested Butte,

I Love You!

You embraced me

Gave me an epic snowy winter to ski your quiet trails in the forest

Brought me new friends

And soulful connections with old friends

Gave me the the joy and honor of teaching yoga + tantra to wonderful people in the studio that was once mine and now owned by another living yogini bringing the love back to it

You gave me the strength to complete my book WithYou Forever and see it being published to bestseller

I got to reunite with my son in heaven here where he lived and rests, and have special moments with my other two beloved sons

I was blessed with a love that i will carry in my heart, expanded my heart, and memories to cherish

Your rivers, lakes, wildflowers, and mountain majesty live in my heart, and awaken the wonder and enchantment of this precious human life

I’ll always come back to my hOMe in the mountains, i’m forever grateful to Pachamama and all who embraced me!


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