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Dream Baby Dream

Dream baby dream. That’s the name of a Bruce Springsteen song I highly recommend! Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a Bruce Springsteen fanatic fan and this song I can play on repeat over and over again. Since sharing my story about my Cheyne at an online event last week, I was overcome with emotional exhaustion, so I retreated inside my tortoise shell. I am wiping the tears off my heart, enjoying long practice sessions of meditation, mantra, yoga, breath, prayer, and SURFING. Since I was a wee one growing up on the beaches of Santa Monica, I always wanted to be a surfer girl. I’m so glad I did not let age, work, or the many complexities and responsibilities of life distract me from this dream. Ocean Ma is healing me. She may wack me hard and humble me to my core, but she puts a smile on my face and teaches me to flow with the waves of life. That said, I believe it’s the combination of my spiritual practices, the grace and support of my Guru’s, Bhakti & Buddhist path, the blessing of all 3 of my sons so close no matter how far away (on earth or in the vast realm) family, friends, and healers surrounding me, having “work” I love getting to give yoga & entrepreneurial mentorship to women, and then just getting lost in love riding waves, has been my healing prescription. Having a purpose, chasing dreams, sharing love, being grateful, trying to be a beneficial presence in the world, being brave, loving and healing myself, surrendering deeply to what the Divine wants for me in each moment. Do you have a wild and crazy dream for yourself, for the world, for your children? BELIEVE. Imagine, feel it, share it, take a baby step, or a Hanuman leap! Ram Ram, this is the time to dream baby dream.

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