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Earth Day, New Moon, & Self Love

Dear Global Family, I am still in Costa Rica, writing to you perched above the jungle tree line and gazing at the sea. I have been on solo "retreat" for the past 3 weeks and have not stepped foot into civilization. As much as I knew there is a very reclusive part of me, I never realized how much I truly love to be embraced by nature and the creatures and to be alone. I don't feel lonely, and I feel God so close to me always. Of course I am still supporting the women in my Soul on Fire Mentorship Group and plugged in, so technology has allowed me to stay connected. It has been wonderful to see all the creative ways people are staying in touch, reaching out, offering their gifts, and staying positive through these unprecedented times. The pulse I get is that many people are taking the opportunity to go inwards. I certainly have. With the new moon in earthy Taurus, its perfectly timed for Earth Day. Perhaps this is the best earth day Pachamama has ever had. She is resting, breathing, regenerating, restoring herself, creating space, and gathering her strength for the next cycle of this Lila of life. Perhaps thats what we all need to do: rest, breathe, regenerate, restore, create space, gather our strength. I hear her saying, "Listen close: Get creative, dig deep, heal, open your heart, be wise, take action, develop new facets of yourself and ways of living in the world. HEAL.” In a healing crisis, we may see with our inner senses and perceive and receive wisdom that can change our life. And change the world. I have had my own healing crisis; I just honored what would have been my son Cheyne's 26th birthday on April 6th and felt the loss of the ages crushing down again. It is an ongoing journey that is mixed with such deep grief, and on the other hand a mystic new relationship with him that has been fulfilling and revealing new light as well as shadows to be faced within myself. This tsnuami in my life has turned everything inside out, and along with our current global crisis, things have been intensely challenging for me. So this is when I take refuge in my practice more than ever! I have been taking online courses with my Buddhist Lama, Tsultrim Allione, taking advantage of the howler monkeys waking me up at 4:45am and doing more meditation, yoga, pranayama than ever, and receiving all the prana and love from the sea and jungle to fill my soul and heal my heart.  New moons are all about starting fresh and new priorities. I hope you take the time to get clear on what has been revealed to you during this time, how it may have affected your priorities, and lay some groundwork to take action in your life: What more is possible for you to live your best life?  To tread a little softer on the planet, or take some bold action?  What tender shoots are blossoming that you can water with your love and sacred intention? I am right there with you, as my Cheyne whispered in my ear this morning, "holding your hand." Love in all directions, my friends. Lets keep coming together! Your Dasi,  Monica

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