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EarthDay EveryDay!

They say that the earth will survive. It is US that won’t if we don’t take care of her!

What climate change/earth organizations are you involved with or contribute to?

How do your food choices support the earth?

Have you got a water bottle, coffee/tea mug, and travel utensils with you everywhere you go?

Have you sworn off plastic water bottles and bags?

Do you speak up for our Earth Mother when you see someone or something that needs to be graciously (or fiercely) stopped?

Have you considered retrofitting your house for solar panels?

Are your children being raised as earth activists?

What’s ONE thing you can commit to on this one holy day that can make a difference and be a gift to Gaia?

All these questions and more i am asking myself and invite you to consider. Please share below!

I love and celebrate you today Ma, thank you for all that you bless us with, may you continue to thrive and heal, and may we all gather ourselves at your soil, water,and sky to protect you and help you continue to bless us with your majesty.

As above, so below. As we heal the earth, we are healing ourselves. We are ONE.

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