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First Valentine's Day...

First Valentine’s day in forever since I’ve been in the lap of love. This one’s extra special because the big news is we are engaged! That’s right, this mama’s getting married to the love of my life, and I’m beyond grateful, excited, almost as surprised as you may be!

I have never been more loved, adored, cherished, and safe in Kory Lon Tydons arms, and my book of love is being written one wonderful moment at a time! Surfing, praying, healing, doing our yoga + meditation together, expanding the capacity of what the miracle of love can do, and intending for our union to be of benefit to many beings.

Love is the doorway, the portal, and the divine key to awakening to life’s magic, and whether you are with your beloved, or loving the One whose always inside your own heart, I wish you all the sublime gift that is always holding you!

RamRam lovers, remember today and all days, love yourself and you love the world!

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