Full Moon Blessings

This Virgo Supermoon in my sign is a turning point in my life, I can feel it. Oh my goddess, how far I have come, the places I have gone, the people I have loved, the messages I have received, the challenges I’ve survived, the experiences that have molded me, the healers that have touched me, the teachers that have guided me, the teacher, guide, mother, and mentor I have become. This path to heal and reveal myself, to peel away the layers and be willing to see with crystalline eyes, who am I? 👁 I am opening to the unknown. Loving the child within the way she needed to be loved. Spreading my wings. The past is over. The future is vast. May it be so. For me, and YOU. Full moon blessings Familia! 🌕♥️


"Love everyone. Serve everyone. Remember God."

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