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Full Moon Hello!

Wow, it’s been two months since I have been on social media! I’ve been hiding out in Costa Rica on my writing sabbatical, finishing the manuscript for my book of channeling my son Cheyne. It has been an emotional roller coaster, reviewing all his messages, and pouring my heart into our joint collaboration for all the world to see. On top of that, watching everything go down in the USA and across the globe has been heartbreaking, and somehow it seems like there’s just as much to grieve in my own heart as there is in the world. Endlessly grateful for the jungle magic, surf therapy, sacred medicines, soul connections, and power of my own practices to move through it all. As much as social media has its blessings, it was a true gift to retreat into my cave and quiet all the distractions. Heal, be with the sea, listen, feel, ask for support when I needed it, and allow myself to spend time on the greatest heart project of my lifetime. Today’s moon coincides with Guru Purnima, the annual holy day to remember an honor our gurus and teachers in life, so I am particularly grateful to those that have brought me so much light and wisdom. I also know that the true guru always points to the guru inside, and today I also bow to my own heart, One with All. WithYou.

@marknadirworx @reinayogini

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