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Full moon in Libra

This full moon in Libra relationships are highlighted. Harmony and balance in all our relationships, including Mother Earth, all our relations, Source, and our own sweet selves. Not in that particular order. Perhaps all as top priority. I see love and compassion practices to be the way I can find balance and harmony in all those areas. Rising just before the sun is high in the sky, just before the mind is racing, and the only sounds are the birds singing is the way for me. In these quiet moments I can breathe, pray, move, and listen to the Voice within. I can train my mind to behave and turn towards the light. As the world turns, I ask that we all turn inwards for just a moment this second Libra blue moon, to imagine a world of peace and harmony and how just a single step, thought, or word today can begin the momentum for this dream to manifest. Love is the answer. Let it begin with me. ♥️

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