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Go Where God Lives

Soul on Fire & Karuna Project join forces to offer you: Nepal Spiritual Adventure!


My visit to Kathmandus magnificent temples five years ago sucked me in so much that I never made it to the mountains.

This time will make up for that!

Lucky for me, my partner (Seth Quigg) in this “trekking and yoga meets service” retreat has led thousands of people on expeditions throughout the world, including 13 in the Himalaya and has curated this expedition retreat of a lifetime!

I will be sharing breath, meditation, yoga, mantra and spirituality that is part of the culture where it all came from!

The spirituality of the Nepali people, the fantastic Ayurvedic cuisine, and the breathtaking Himalayan mountains are the perfect setting for deepening your spirituality, hands on dedicated service, being with epic people, and an unforgettable adventure!

This is an intimate group and this retreat will sellout so check my retreats page for deets or dm me for more info.

This is for reals.

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