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Goddesses Surf!

Goddesses Surf!

There is a Time

to laugh and play

to dance and surf

to love and heal

to be in sacred community

to let the tears

be cleansed by the Ocean.

I have been held by all of this, am so grateful for the infinite blessing and I pray this for you too. I’d love to share it with you.

The sea beckons, and my yoga and surf retreat begins a week from today! This will be a special intimate group the way things are these days, so there’s still space to jump on a flight and come dance with me, pray, meditate at the shore where sisters gather to create the alchemy that can heal the world as you give yourself this gift to be together and open to the infinite possibilities that happen when you say Yes.

I belong here.

I deserve this.

For the benefit of all beings.

Soul on Fire Goddess Yoga & Surf Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica, land of the Pura Vida, where monkeys awaken you and the medicine of the land and people (and I!) will hold you.

Proceeds will go back to the community to feed the local people to keep our beaches safe, and feed your soul while you’re at it.

Aho, see you soon, we’ll be wet, sandy and free by the sea, link below, the moment is now! You’ll receive bhakti yoga of love + devotion, mantra magic, cacao ceremony, crafting your own ceramic womb bowl, vegan cuisine,our own jungle path to the beach, plant medicine, kirtan sacred music, ocean dance + sand mandalas aerial yoga and so much more!

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