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Gratitude is the best religion!


I was blessed to do a plant medicine journey with @davidtayar this weekend, and one of the main revelations that came through when he asked me what has been the thing that has helped you keep your feet on the ground with everything you’ve been through is GRATITUDE.


I think feeling through things deeply and completely in all their grief, pain, and rage, is necessary and holy. And in the next breath, or whenever it comes, to look up at the sky, the ocean, the mountains, the eyes of someone, anyone who loves me, all the miracles around me, the ever present Godforce, my own infinite self, this has been what has sustained me. Gratitude has been my medicine.


So many people are suffering, we know them, we are them. Let’s teach and live the religion of gratitude as a daily constant practice to bring us back again and again to the courage to put our feet back on the ground, live from our hearts, ask for help when we need it, and love ourselves so much that it becomes a mirror where all can see the love that you are.


Love Yourself & You Love The World! 💗 Ramram my friends, withYou.

🎥 @marknadirworx

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