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Hanuman Jayanti

Today is known as Hanuman Jayanti, or Hanuman‘s birthday!

This adored deity is known for his strength, courage, and devotion to Lord Ram (God), and has the ability to attain victory against evil through his superhuman and unwavering faith and love. It is said he is able to assume any form at will, yield celestial weapons to fight inner and outer demons, can move mountains, fly through the air and even leapt over the ocean to bring the divine lovers Sita & Ram (representations of the divine feminine and sacred masculine aspects of the Godforce)back together!

Hanuman is the beloved deity of my guru Neem Karoli Baba, and is therefore mine as well! Needless to say, I have called on Hanuman‘s faith, courage, and devotion throughout all the challenges of my life.

Hanuman’s mantra, Ram, Ram, Ram (the name of God) is my constant practice and has been as close to me as my breath, pulled me through many a dark night, as well as miraculous and beautiful moments and everything in between.

I celebrate Hanuman, I celebrate my own faith, courage and devotion, and I celebrate that we can all access these qualities in these unprecedented times to gain victory against the systems of oppression in the world and all the limiting and obstructive patterns that hold us back from being our truest most powerful selves.

Ramram, Jai Hanuman!

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