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Happy Birthday Cheyne!

Celebrating my oldest sons birthday, who would have been 28 today, when he’s no longer in his physical form, is bittersweet. On the one hand I am on my knees in deep grief missing my beloved son in the way only a mother who held a child in her womb only can.

On the other hand I also come to my knees in gratitude for the 25 years I had him, that he chose me to be his mother, of all the memories, and of the very unique spiritual relationship we now have. To be able to communicate with him, to receive his messages, to grow a relationship on a different dimension has given me a deeper awareness of life, death, and the sublime joy that can only be experienced in the inner senses.

Cheyne catapulted me to dig deep to find my will to live, to serve, and to live with more passion, compassion, and soul.

His words and messages before he left are my guideposts, and his channeled words are in a pile of journals full of the wisdom that lived in his soul he wants us all to know. Messages of self love mostly, that I have made it my dharma path to integrate into everything I do and am.

The day will be a mixture of grief and grace, tears and laughter, healing sessions, hugs from my beloved, the day at the sea he and I love so much, a virtual gathering with his brothers, lots of prayers, yoga, mantra, and opening myself to this great mystery of life to heal my heart, all our hearts, and a birthday wish that lives in my heart, just like he does.

I love you Cheyne! Love this pic of me + you surfing back in our SB days. I’m still surfing for you!

You are forever, WithMe!

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