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Happy Full Moon in Gemini!

Happy Full Moon in Gemini and partial lunar eclipse! Although full moons tend to elicit strong emotions this is a very positive planetary lineup and it’s only getting better.

2020 is almost over! I recently had someone in my mentorship group tell me it was the best year of her whole life. That’s not the case for everyone, but we do have the choice to decide the stories we tell ourselves, replay, and see for our future. Gemini is an air sign, and all about thoughts, communication, and speech.

The story I want to tell is about hope, love, coming together, and believing that everything that is happening to us personally, and to the world, is showing us that the way of duality and polarity is not working. It is in our face. Our planet and our our human family has been slapped, taken down, dragged, pummeled, and shaken.

Our eyes are wide open now. Let this luminescent moon light our path, show us the way forward, and let love rule. Let us use the power of choice, intention, thoughts, and words to determine our destiny. Shed what no longer serves you, put the past behind, join a movement, be kind. I’m only sharing what I’m telling myself!

Somehow we have to accept what is going on, and not let it pull us out of balance. We have practices to keep our mind, bodies, and spirits strong, healthy, and centered.

Lean on them now. I’m here to tell you: They work!

Yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra, prayer, ayurveda, sacred support circles, healing modalities, all of it. Find what works for you, rewire your brain, love your soul, be good to your body temple.

I created The Power of Practice just for you to have everything you need!

Be open to a new story. Your story. Our story. Let’s write it. Speak it. Dance it. Dream it. Live it.


ps- Every New Moon and Full Moon I write a newsletter, called my “Loveletter”. It’s for people who want to be in my inner circle and read a page out of my journal that comes from my heart for you. I will leave the link below when it goes out tomorrow!

Now I’m going out to drink the nectar of the moon!


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