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Happy International Day of Yoga!

The fact that yoga spans all the way around the globe is truly miraculous. All the walls come down in this practice, and the teaching that we are ALL ONE is something that I truly believe has had a huge impact in the world. Yoga raises the personal and planetary vibration, awakens the soul, heals the heart, empowers us to rise up, brings people together, creates earth activists, and helps us fall in love with the divinity that we are, and so much more! SO grateful yoga has come to me in this life and the impact it has had on me is truly one of the most powerfully significant things in my life! On top of all that it has given me a yoga tribe all over the world of people who share the common vision of spreading peace and healing in the world that is another one of the very best things about yoga! So today I celebrate this day with wholehearted gratitude and so honored to be a part of this art and science that has done so much for the world!

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