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Happy new moon!

Another auspicious day. New Moon in Aquarius following Imbolc, and the Chinese New Year (With Losar/Tibetan New Year coming up next!) 🌚 Aquarius always seems like a wake up call to honor our unique, quirky, idealist, and inner activist. This future oriented sign falling on MoonDay, is an opportunity to set some new intentions and open to new beginnings. With all the social and political unrest in the world, i feel its an especially good time to link with like minded people and groups that are doing altruistic things in the world, and give our energy to something that we really believe in. Right now I am aligning with the "Give to Grow" model of business and wanting every dime I make to also go towards a cause I believe in. It's looking fear, lack, and grasping in the eye, believing in abundance consciousness, and the faith that giving from the heart will lead to more abundance inside and for the world than ever, and being a small part in creating more abundance and healing on the planet. 🌍 This is where my intentions are now. I am also more passionate than ever about the importance of spiritual practices that help us stay balanced, stay lifted in Spirit yet feet on the ground ready to take action, and keep our vibration high for all those in our wingspan. Living in this 3D world, yet opening to the higher dimensions where I meet Cheyne, my Guru, all the Buddha Dakini's, and the voice of the Divine. 🙏🏾 What is it that you have to share with the world uniquely that only YOU can do in your special way? Can you set an intention to just do it, to begin, with a single step...for the benefit of all beings? ❤️ Withyou!

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