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Happy Spring Equinox & Navaratri!

Updated: May 10, 2018

Dear Yoga Family,


Oh, the chance to begin anew, to put things behind us, let go of the past, be grateful for the past season and its joys and learnings, and the opportunity to plant seeds and intentions for the next season! 

This sandhya (sacred juncture) is particularly powerful! The new moon in Pisces was just a few days ago and with the sun in Aries (the beginning of the astrological year!) we have the forces in our favor to integrate our sacred masculine and divine feminine qualities to weave the life and world we want. On top of that, we are in the middle of the sacred festival of the Goddess, Navaratri, to activate and awaken all her qualities into our being. 

As we heal our own inner self, it spreads into our families, communities and how we serve in our work/dharma path. I feel that the wounds and crying out of the destructive forces in the universe are a call to passionately dedicate ourselves to our own souls awakening. The sun in firey Aries along with the Equinox gives us the power to GO FOR IT! Do it NOW! Take a step, and focus. The time is now!

I just spent the last few days assisting Shiva Rea in a special "Prana Flow Pranams" & Ayurveda Immersion with Dr. Lad, world renown for his books and expert knowledge of this ancient sister science of yoga. I have always been passionate about yoga and ayurveda but now more than ever I am inspired to get the message and teachings out in all I do! The power of yoga & ayurveda practices have been such a blessing in my life, and it is a true joy and honor to be able to share this with you in all my offerings.

May this season be filled with the seeds of you heart blooming into fields of flowers and bountiful harvests of love, healing, and joy!

Your Dasi, Monica

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