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Heal Yourself.

We are so blessed to have so much information, healers, practices, and opportunities to learn how we can heal ourselves.

We are considered lucky indeed to have incarnated in a human body, and this has come with a responsibility to care for it as best we can. Not just the body, but the mind, spirit, and our soul, every and all deepest layers of our being. For me this has come through the practices of yoga, Ayurveda, the bhakti path of love service and devotion, pranayama/breath, buddhist meditation, and learning about heart brain coherence and how our thoughts affect our life so powerfully.

It definitely takes dedication, but it’s worth it, it’s fun, you meet the most fabulous people in the world on a similar path, and best of all you get the satisfaction of knowing that when you heal yourself, the whole world benefits!

RamRam, heal yourself & you heal the world! I’m right there withyou!

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