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Heal Yourself and You Heal the World!

It’s hard to believe what’s going on in the world. There has always been challenging times in world history, but now with modern technology and media coverage it’s all in our face more than ever.

Somehow I have to believe that the opportunity here is for us to evolve the human soul. This is the university of life that we never learned in school. We are learning about who we really are, who we truly want to be, the life we want to live, and the planet we want to inhabit.

Through all of the profound losses, unimaginable chaos, and worldwide shakedown, we are finding the strength and soul of our human spirit. The sun in the sky is but a metaphor for the infinite power, courage, love, and compassion that exists inside our own hearts.

When I’m out on my surfboard, walking in nature, or opening my heart in yoga, I pray that I may heal, leave the past behind, and take this opportunity to sow seeds for a beautiful future, not just for me and my sons, but for the next seven generations.

We are the Ones.

Ramram, heal yourself and you heal the world.

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