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Heal Yourself + You Heal the World!


The abundance of beauty that Mother Earth bestows on us day after day, no matter how we trample and neglect her.

How forgiving she is and constantly gives more more more.

How she’s being so patient with us, showing us the way again and again.

How she reminds us that her magnificence is a mere reflection of our own magnificent selves to regenerate and survive despite it all.

Bowing to her sustaining power to keep shining, my own, your own sustaining power to dig deep, be our highest selves, serve our gifts, and rise on.

Oh Ma, how may I serve thee well? As i serve thee , i serve ye.

Keep shining my friends, for the benefit of all beings, we can do this!

I believe In the power of yoga + daily practices to heal, awaken, and empower yourself to be your best for this beautiful planet + people.

Soul on Fire 40 Day Sacred Sadhana w me starts June 10, link on FB and IG!

Heal Yourself + You Heal the World!

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