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Wow, we are in an intense astrological cycle and i don’t think i’m the only one dealing with some serious shit, not to mention all of the current global issues. Lots of hostile energy, facing inner + outer demons, and people and situations coming at us with daggers. I am dealing with this myself, so i feel ya! Here’s a little Buddhist inspiration that has served me well:

The basic causes of suffering are known as The Three Poisons: Attachment, Aversion, and Ignorance. Unfortunately we can’t always control when and how the poisons appear in a variety of ways, but we can choose whether to feed them or allow them to run amok. Without awareness, we can tend to blame and point the finger elsewhere, which can lead to regretful behavior. Through our practice and intention we can transform them into the Three Seeds of Virtue: Non-Attachment, Compassion, and Wisdom. We are all human and may find ourselves on either end of the poisons, but dedication to our spiritual practices can help us shift our thoughts, words, and actions towards self-awareness and more conscious responses. This path is not for the faint of heart, takes a great deal of discipline to do the deep inner work, make time for it, and put your own healing as your top priority! The goal is to make fewer reactionary messes, decrease human suffering for ourselves and others, and live a more fully awake, joyful life. I am so grateful for all the practices and teachings that have come to me in this life and helped me to shift my reactions to still be able to stand my ground, speak my mind, and and make decisions with more grace and love. It’s taken time, plenty of self love + forgiveness, and a commitment to my daily sadhana. Sending waves of love to all in these times, and praying for peace for us all.

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