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Hello Sadhakas!

Hello Sadhakas! (People on the path of yoga) I’m back from a social media fast and have transitioned from Costa Rica to Colorado, where i will be for a few months. I wanted to wish you all a happy new moon and share with you about the festival Navaratri that coincides with this new moon.

Navaratri is a 9 day festival of the goddess and is a time of sacred renewal, releasing obstructing patterns, and awakening our creative power. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and if you get into it even a little bit, you’ll really come out of 9 days days feeling ready to rock and go into the last few months of the year with renewed mojo!

I’ll be coming on LIVE everyday starting TODAY for the next 9 days at 12:3O pm MST in my Soul on Fire Satsang! page to share about each goddess, practices, mantras, and more, so i’d love to see you!

Today is about Durga Ma, the fierce goddess, who rides a tiger and wields weapons of consciousness to destroy anything on our path that is not in the name of love!

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