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Here I come!

Guess what?

I’m coming out of my sabbatical and starting to teach public classes again.

I started my soulfire pilgrimage a little over a year ago, after my youngest of three sons graduated from high school. That was one heckuva year for my family, when my oldest son Cheyne left the earth plane. Somehow I got through it, but taking off and traveling to my Ashrams, temples across India, Nepal, Mexico, Colombia, brief stop in London, doing volunteer work along the way, chasing surf, and meeting amazing people along the way was soul medicine. The wings of the phoenix brought me to Costa Rica in January and now I have been here almost a year. It’s almost home. There’s been one thing missing:

Teaching yoga.

It’s been wonderful receiving classes from all the wonderful teachers throughout the year, teaching a few classes for charitable causes, online festivals, events and such, but there is something about committing to a place and letting myself be seen as the Yogini I am that requires me to step back on the mat in front of the people of the community I have chosen here in Nosara. I got a few sacred nudges, clear signs, and I know it’s time.

Here i come!

I know this is a huge part of my healing journey. I know Cheyne wants me to do this. After 25 years of teaching, you’d think think it would be simple. But yoga is so much to me, it’s the true revealer of my essence, I get lost in love and sometimes don’t even remember what I’ve said. It’s a sacred ritual I love to give, and the alchemy that gets created from the people who share themselves with me is magic.

So I’ll be trembling a bit those first few moments when the class begins, but from that point on, it’s in God’s hands, and always has been.

Tuesdays (Hanuman’s day) at the beautiful Buena Vibra Ocean Shala at 3:33. Sunset after!

100% of proceeds will go to a charitable cause each month!

Ramram I heard your call!

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