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Here we go!

Happy Equinox friends! Welcome to the new season, the official astrological new year, the new moon in firey Aries coming up tomorrow, Spring Navaratri, and eclipse season right around the corner!

Wowza, well, if your New Year’s intentions have gotten swept under the rug, now is the time to reactivate them, face any shadows or patterns you want to release, breakthrough your boundaries, get ready to take some leaps of faith, and get clear about what you want to birth, here we go!

All that said, maybe that fire energy needs to be directed more to your internal process and self love journey; meditation, yoga, prayer, healing your heart, resting your soul and giving yourself some restoration.

Equinox is all about finding balance, and when we make it a priority to balance ourselves, we realize that this is a generous act, and the whole world will begin to balance as we open our eyes and find ways we can also serve our gifts to help others and our planet.

I’m digging deep myself, as I launch my book, keep supporting the women in my Soul on Fire group, ground into living in the states again for a while, open my heart to new people in my life, allow myself listen inside and be guided to know how I will be serving next.

These are all sacred ritual days, I wish you all deep rest, joyful new beginnings, and peace of heart in these extraordinary times!

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