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How do we feel joy when so many others are suffering?

This new moon in pisces is all about optimism, hope, and dreaming big visions for ourselves and the world. dreaming even the dreams that seem impossible. asking for miracles.

what is the highest vision you can imagine for yourself and this world?

can you believe in what you can’t see with your eyes, the invisible reality?

can you see a world of peace?

i’ve been through a lot too, and an essential component for me to live into these questions and answers is meditation.

yoga; moving meditation, and sitting meditation. to love myself through the wandering thoughts and parts i need to face, to watch my mind, accept or redirect it with mantra, breath, and awareness, and get to those moments of peace, stillness, and the feeling of oneness that defies all sense of separation and outer appearances.

don’t be mistaken. if you are doing the practices that soothe your soul, you are making a difference in the world. be proud of yourself. you are a minority doing these practices that have a quantum effect. your vibration has a butterfly effect and the love and peace from all those on the spiritual path can change the world.

we still need to be engaged. but i wish for you to feel the bliss of waking at dawn and sitting, breathing, moving for yourself and the benefit of all beings.

dream a big crazy dream this mystical moon, see with your first eye, and feel the joy beyond sorrow that is your birthright.

om lokah samasta sukhino: ~may all be happy and free~ ~may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to the freedom and happiness of all beings~

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