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I absolutely LOVE men.

It’s one reason I’m starting to teach an Intro to Tantra Course for MEN, but more on that later.

You have no idea how badly I have been hurt by a “handful” of men in my life.

Or the patriarchy that “some” men have created.

All that said, I STILL love men!

My three sons for starters.

All the men who embody the healthy masculine, OR are actively dedicated to healing their masculinity despite how challenging it can be to be considered “a real man” and reach out for support.

All the men who are fighting the cultural bullshit of what a man is supposed to be and redefining it for himself and all the men of the future.

All the men who support, love, protect, and cherish women, all women, not just their own woman, because they know woman is the mother who literally birthed the world into existence.

Have you experienced that?

They are strangers who may hold the door open, they see you being disrespected and speak for you, shit they may even fight for you sometimes, they make you feel beautiful no matter what your outer appearance looks like, they show up for your kids, they hold your hand in public, they believe in your dreams, they give you wings or help you patch them back up with their fierce and sometimes gentle strength.

They’re not afraid to let you shine because they know their power.

They listen to you. They hold you when you’re shattered by tears. They share their heart with you too and just might shed a tear for your eyes only.

They want nothing more than to make you happy, bring you pleasure, make you smile, and for you to TRUST them with your life.

I know these men, and so do you.

And some of you are those men, and you’ve been one of those for me.


It’s for YOU I’m creating this Intro to Tantra Course because I want you to know I BELIEVE IN YOU, I SEE YOU, and I want you to have all the love, respect, and trust of the women in your life.

I’d love to know, what do you really want in love, intimacy, and spirituality?

Share or DM me.

There is no ONE man who encompasses this man.

He is YOU.

Thank you my brothers.

You know who you are.

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